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This is just a simple page to provide links to some web pages I have an interest in.



My name is David Deedon.

I am also known as Derby Deedon.  Because I once had a blog called Derby's Blog, Derby or Derby's Blog might be found on occasion in my current blog which is: Deedon's Blog.

What do I write about in Deedon's Blog?  The topics vary from silly humor to political.  You won't know if you like until you taste it.  Be sure to sample a variety as some articles might be of interest even if others are not.  You can sign up at the blog to be notified when new articles are published.

I may be reached at David@deedon.us


Next is a link to information about a US made

electric Super Scooter

that I have for sale.


2011 Current Motor Electric Super Scooter model C124 for sale 


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We also have a house for sale


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Other links you may find of interest

Well, at least I find them interesting and/or valuable.  I've listed them in alphabetical order within groups.  The Green Group lists health sites, The Yellow Group lists political sites, and the Orange Group lists "Other" sites.






Alliance for Natural Health


Campaign for Liberty



Dr. Mercola


Constitution Preservation



Dr. Whitaker


Downsize DC


Front Sight

Health Freedom Alliance


Free State Project


Gun Owners of America

Natural News


Mises Institute


Mars One

Natural Solutions Foundation


Reality Zone


US Observer

Suzy Cohen "America's Pharmacist"


Tenth Amendment Center


USA Carry



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